“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

– Dan Millman

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building strong and productive teams

Your company relies on having present and engaged team members who are able to create impressive results. However, all too often, teams within a business struggle to work harmoniously and constructively.

Interpersonal relationships have a huge impact on your company’s culture, productivity, and morale. When team dynamics are not working to support your business objectives, your company may experience conflict, lack of trust, stress, high attrition rates, and wasted time.

So how can you improve the collaboration of teams within your organisation? Team coaching is powerful tool that can help you recognise issues within your teams and improve their performance on a profound level.

In Tribunity team coaching, I work directly with CEOs, leaders, and team members to help them gain awareness of the interplay between interpersonal dynamics, unique personalities, and company culture. By using nine powerful neuroscience tools, I then help individuals make important adjustments in how they speak, listen, and collaborate with one another.

Each of the following neuroscience tools helps team members gain clarity and insight into their contributions to the group and how they are received.

  • Choose Your Focus
  • Listen for Potential
  • Clarity of Distance
  • Speak With Intent
  • Dance of Insight
  • Create New Thinking
  • The FEELING Model
  • The CRAFT Model
  • The SCARF Model

Through reflecting on these tools, team members learn how to make group communication more engaging, targeted, and productive, which leads to more positive, impactful actions and more productive outcomes. 

Tribunity team coaching delivers solutions that help foster the uniqueness of your business and its people and create more open, respectful, and inspiring team dynamics .  

Tribunity’s team coaching delivers results that not only improve the culture of your business, but also lead to:

  • Higher self-esteem among individuals
  • Improved emotional intelligence
  • Improved communication among peers, management, and leaders
  • Reduced conflict
  • Higher company profits
  • Enhanced awareness of and focus on company objectives

Team Coaching & seminars

I love to build customised workshops that facilitate strong team collaboration, cohesion, and productivity. Please contact me to discuss your team performance objectives.

I provide team coaching to clients worldwide via Zoom or Skype, or to local clients in my Sydney CBD location. All in-person sessions come with coffee and a treat.

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Learn more about Team coaching

Take your business and life to the next level with Tribunity Human Empowerment. Click below to learn more about services and pricing, or schedule a free discovery call to see whether team coaching is a good fit for you.

Learn more about Team coaching

Tammy Hamawi leadership coaching a class
Take your business and life to the next level with Tribunity Human Empowerment. Click below to learn more about services and pricing, or schedule a free discovery call to see whether team coaching is a good fit for you.

Why tammy

"Any organisation or person will find Tammy’s inexhaustible energy, quick and articulate mind, drive, and enthusiasm an asset, not to mention an opportunity to build, develop, or create a solid foundation in any endeavor they wish to undertake."
Jacquelene Sadek
Business Owner, Yoga N Alchemy
"Tammy has been inspirational to her staff, managers, directors, peers. There is just no doubt that her energy and mentoring focus will benefit many other individuals and groups, whichever background they come from."
Benoit Marcenac
Managing Director, Sofrana Unilines
"Tammy’s highly interactive program delivers structure and impact. It equips individuals with solid techniques/skills that can be applied immediately to increase personal and organisational effectiveness. The program materials are of the highest quality, and the best practice techniques are useful resources that employees can quickly add to their toolkits."
Vince Hattie
Proprietor, Freight Services LTD
"Tammy’s ability to turn any organization around into a positive and forward-moving team environment would be something I would highly recommend to any CEO or motivated business owner."
Peter J Townley
Managing Directory/CEO, Townley Group International PTY LTD