High-Impact Coaching for
Leaders, Teams, and Individuals

Tribe + Unity = Tribunity

Tribunity means “people power”. When people are empowered, they are enjoying life, making plans, and feeling fulfilled.

That’s what I stand for. That’s what I do.

"Courage, vision, and ambition knows no gender, status, or creed. All it knows is tenacity, hard work, and a massive dose of self belief."

-Tammy Hamawi, Tribunity Human Empowerment Founder

The only thing we can truly rely on in life is that nothing ever stays the same. 

Change happens every minute, every hour and every day. Change can be positive or it can have adverse effects. 

Our reaction to this change determines the outcome. It can be the difference between living a calm, harmonious and fulfilling life with love, joy, and personal empowerment or a life that is flat and uninspiring. 

I am dedicated to your success

My belief is that every relationship should be founded on six core values:

  • Integrity
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Motivation
  • Belief
  • Care

I weave these values into each and every partnership that is born when someone hires me to coach them. I am truly humbled when I can serve others and celebrate their achievements with them.
My goal is to uplift, energise, and empower others – individuals and businesses alike.

My dedication is to understand your personal and professional goals, your life goals, and your own core values.

Then, together, we work to help you formulate a powerful plan that aims to turn your life’s vision into a reality.

Experience and Diversity is
what makes me different

There are not many companies that can offer individuals, families and corporations the skill and expertise that I can offer. I bring more than five decades of business and leadership, as well as my global education and upbringing, to help you build a better life or business.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the largest companies in the world in delivering key leadership strategies and management techniques to help develop partnerships, relationships, and winning outcomes.

I’ve also had the privilege of empowering individuals as they explore the journey towards greater self-beliefs and energy to achieve success in work, family, and personal relationships.

I begin and end every relationship by building on the most important relationship of all…

The Relationship You Have With You

Coaching Sessions that deliver the outcomes you need

Tribunity Human Empowerment was founded in order to improve business and human life. My services are always professional and I will continue to always learn so you may leverage my knowledge for your own benefit. I strive to inspire, teach, lead, and connect with every individual, company, leader, and CEO who works with me. 

My results-driven process will be shared with you along with the full wealth of my business and life skill knowledge so that you may find solutions for your problems and continue to build and evolve into your ideal self.

Man in shadows straightening tie


Whether you are a new or established business, coaching with Tribunity can help you to build the momentum you need to succeed. I work with you to create a plan for growth and fulfillment you have been working toward. 

Group of people in office at a meeting


Develop your team for personal and professional growth via a transformative thinking experience focused on the company direction and culture as a whole. Let me add more passion and fun into your workforce.

Person in jacket walking empty road in desert


Personal coaching is for individuals, couples, or families. I work with you to delve deep into your mind, goals, and dreams to help you get your life to a place that fulfills you. I want to give you something to be excited about.

Let's Connect

Discover how Tribunity Human Empowerment can help you take your growth and vitality further.

Why choose tammy

“Every world champion understands the need for ongoing powerful coaching and mentoring to succeed. This is not exclusive to athletes, but an opportunity for anyone willing to do what it takes to live their dreams.”

-Tammy Hamawi, Tribunity Human Empowerment Founder

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