Referral Partner Program

My partners are integral to the success of my business. They build strong relationships that create outstanding results.

I have created a partner program that enables you to receive incredible commissions and, more importantly, build well-being in the lives of others. 

I’d be honoured to have you join me.

Welcome to my referral partner program

Tammy Hamawi with laptop

My name is
Tammy Hamawi

I am the founder of Tribunity Human Empowerment.

As a seasoned senior executive and accredited neuroscience coach, I’m passionate about sharing my energy, knowledge, and expertise with my clients. I’m committed to helping you achieve growth, well-being, and success in your personal or professional journey.

This coaching program is based not only on my various areas of expertise, but also my personal and professional experience, including 24 years in logistics leadership. 

I pride myself on providing impactful and professional coaching to my clients.

Tammy Hamawi

Founder / Coach / Strategist

Tribunity Human Empowerment


Nothing makes me happier than rewarding you for high-quality leads that convert to new clients.

You’ll receive 2.5% (per calendar year) for every referral that leads to a full paying client.

Incentives are paid in the same currency as the contract: either AUD or USD depending

on the client’s location.


Tribunity means “people power.” When people are empowered, they enjoy life, make plans, build confidence, and feel fulfilled. My coaching and mentorship programs combine decades of experience and knowledge to help my clients achieve clarity in their goals and navigate the journey to reach those goals.

My services are always aimed at achieving unity:

  • Unity of mind + body + soul
  • Unity of teams
  • Unity of leaders with their business vision, teams, and outcomes


Join my referral partner program and help me extend my mission

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