Leadership Coaching

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth, or step back into safety.”

– Abraham Maslow

Man in shadow straightening tie

I work with leaders to nurture and develop

The leaders of today understand the importance of passion, inspiration, and understanding. They also possess values such as humility and empathy, and actively strive to instill confidence in those around them. True leadership is about empowering others to grow and do extraordinary things. Leadership starts with having the skills to lead and give direction in your own life. It’s a way of life to be embraced and encouraged at every level, both personally and professionally. 

My goal through our time together is to help you enhance innovation and productivity, increase profits, and create team loyalty. Our coaching sessions will deliver tangible and non-tangible benefits, such as:

  • Adaptability
  • Robust decision making
  • Communication
  • Planning and organisation
  • Relationship and team development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Future growth
  • Business diversification and growth

Leadership & Business services

Business Strategy

Per 2-hour session: $500
Day Projects: POA

Leadership Mentoring

Initial session 60-90 minutes: $150
60-minute follow up session: $130
12 session package (over 6-12 months): $1,400

Executive Coaching

Initial session 60-90 minutes: $150
60-minute follow up session: $130
12 session package (over 3-6 months): $1,400

C-Suite Strategy

Initial session 60-90 minutes: $300
60-minute follow up session: $250
12 session package (over 3-6 months): $2,800

Why choose tammy

"As a catalyst introduced into a company in whichever sector to motivate and induce positive change amongst staff and how business is managed, I can recommend Tammy Hamawi."
Giles Jephcott
Shipping Manager, Transam Noumea
"I hold Tammy and her many quite extraordinary people skills in the very highest regards. I particularly feel that one of Tammy's greatest assets is her ability to motivate people."
Barry J Misiurak
Managing Director, Pacific Asia Express
"With her assistance I have developed new skills I was not aware I possessed and I have used these acquired skills in developing my freight forwarding business and have seen double digit growth within my first year of trading. I often seek Tammy’s advice and guidance."
Chris J McCabe
Managing Director, Asean Pacific Logistics
"Awe-inspiring stuff! Tammy was mesmerizing to listen to. Her enthusiasm and passion is infection. The life and leadership coaching really made a difference to my life professionally and [personally] and is helping me reach my potential. I would recommend this coaching for Executives who want to achieve 'above and beyond' experiences from a Coach with a proven track record of making it to the top."
Sheila Beard
Account Manager, ANL Container Line