“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

– Winston Churchill

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I support you in achieving your personal goals

At some point in our lives we all take time to stop and reflect where our personal journey is heading.  Sometimes the road seems easy and content and sometimes we run over pot holes that bump us into taking action.  All of life’s experiences are there to awaken our spirits and illuminate paths of change.

We all have the ability to enrich and enhance our lives through rewarding and joyous relationships with family, friends, partners and peers. Through these valuable relationships we can find unlimited happiness and purpose.

Passion for the things, people and places around us drives personal acceptance and growth and gives us the motivation and belief that we can achieve our most inspiring of goals.

Having a clear and precise outlook also gives us the ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures but reward us with some of life’s biggest gifts.  At tribunity we are passionate about nurturing and developing our clients to find strength in all situations and help build steps toward positive and lasting change.

Our coaching methodology is based on trust, empathy and experience.  It is our ambition to create rewarding and life long partnerships with our clients and to help them reach and achieve the personal potential we all have.

At tribunity our philosophy is that every human being has the internal power and strength to deliver a life less ordinary. You only have to believe, take action and live!

We know that every person is unique and different so our coaching is unique and different. We work with our clients to develop a life plan specific to you and your dreams.

PERSONAL services

Life Coaching

Initial session 60-90 minutes: $120
60-minute follow up session: $100
12 session package (3-6 months): $1,100

Couples Coaching

Initial session 60-90 minutes: $140
60-minute follow up session: $120
12 session package (3-6 months): $1,300

Why choose tammy

"The encounter was motivating and empowering; I learned the importance of personal and professional goal setting and with Tammy’s direction identified methods for achieving these goals. I now understand just how important it is to identify goals and put-in-play methods for achieving them. Tammy taught me the importance of planning and working toward the future that I want, not just hoping for it."
Alexandra Mexis
Corporate Project Coordinator, Mitchell Group
"For the three months she worked with me, I have to admit were the hardest yet most rewarding months of my life. Yet being able to self analyze and having someone by your side to motivate, challenge and drive you to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations, was an amazing experience."
Alanna Aarts
Exporter, KPINZ
"I have the deepest respect and admiration for Tammy... She has the remarkable gift of being able to evoke excellence in others. Through her warmth and generosity of spirit, she is able to lead people towards the self-belief and confidence necessary to enhance their personal and professional lives. Tammy leads by example… She is the change she wants to support in her clients. She has helped me to identify my strengths and continues to empower me through her positive encouragement."
Tracey Slocum, Dip. T.B.Sc (Psychology)
"There are precious moments in life, when you have the opportunity to listen to someone that has the ability to lift you up, show you reason and challenge the boundaries….which is where the journey begins. Tammy Hamawi has a gift and it needs to be shared."
Kennedy Simpson
General Manager, Pacific Direct Line Shipping