“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

– Winston Churchill

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Achieve strong, connected Partnerships and Relationships

Strong, connected relationships are what make our existence feel rich and fulfilling. However, we often enter into personal relationships without clear ideas about what it takes to make them successful. In addition, we often neglect the most important relationship of all: the one we have with ourselves.

Tribunity personal coaching helps you strengthen the relationships you have with others–and with yourself–through two key tools: self-reflection and communication.

Self-reflection is a powerful tool that helps us implement meaningful change in our lives. When we cultivate self-awareness on a deep level, we are able to more clearly identify our beliefs, traits, fears, passions, and sense of purpose, and can then live in greater alignment with our values.

That’s why Tribunity coaching encourages profound and layered self-reflection. In my coaching sessions, I help clients become more attuned to their four layers of self (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual). Without alignment in these four areas, individuals cannot harness their full strength and focus. Thus, it’s important that I help clients nurture each aspect of being and make sure that it is working in alignment with all their other aspects.

In Tribunity personal coaching, I also help clients develop better communication skills so that they can more meaningfully connect with others and build more trusting and satisfying personal relationships. Many people–but perhaps men, especially– find communication a challenging barrier in intimate relationships because they haven’t learned to develop a more nuanced, empathic style. Through coaching, I help these clients create stronger family and personal relationships by adapting the way they communicate with those they love.

In my coaching sessions, I incorporate powerful neuroscience tools such as “Listen for Potential” and “Speak With Intent” to help clients reflect on their unconscious communication habits and their effects. Then, together we work on enhancing their communication—both verbal and nonverbal—so they can form more positive and productive habits, that lead to stronger and more supportive personal relationships.

The Tribunity coaching model utilises a nine-step process that assists you in examining and re-forming your mental models so you can embrace greater self-awareness, confidence, and personal power. Throughout this process, I introduce you to powerful neuroscience tools and models that help you adapt your communication style, reframe your thinking, and pose powerful questions about your life. This kind of coaching work encourages deep thinking and leads to transformative outcomes.

Clients who work with me find themselves continually exploring and re-defining themselves—discovering new opportunities for growth not only in the connections they form with friends, family members, and colleagues, but also within themselves.

personal coaching for individuals & couples

Tribunity Human Empowerment provides personal coaching services for individuals and couples. I help you recognize your internal power so that you can access a life less ordinary. I also help you improve the quality of your habits, communication, and inner self-talk so you can live a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Learn how to make the most of your coaching experience.

I provide personal coaching to clients worldwide via Zoom or Skype, or to local clients in my Sydney CBD location. All in-person sessions come with coffee and a treat.

life coaching

$1100 per 12 sessions

Self-development sessions to move you past roadblocks and towards better mental and emotional well-being.

Individual sessions (pay as you go) are available. $120 for the initial session, $100 per follow-up session.

couples coaching

$1300 per 12 sessions

Enrich your relationship and improve the quality of your verbal and nonverbal communication, individually and as a couple. 

Individual sessions (pay as you go) are available. $140 for the initial session, $120 per follow-up session.

Tammy Hamawi leadership coaching a class

Learn more about leadership coaching

Take your business and life to the next level with Tribunity Human Empowerment. Click below to learn more about services and pricing, or schedule a free discovery call to see whether leadership coaching is a good fit for you.

Learn more about leadership coaching

Tammy Hamawi leadership coaching a class

Take your business and life to the next level with Tribunity Human Empowerment. Click below to learn more about services and pricing, or schedule a free discovery call to see whether leadership coaching is a good fit for you.

Why tammy

"The encounter was motivating and empowering; I learned the importance of personal and professional goal setting and identified methods for achieving these goals. I now understand just how important it is to identify goals and put in play methods for achieving them. It is through this lesson that Tammy taught me the importance of planning and working toward the future that I want, not just hoping for it."
Alexandra Mexis
Corporate Project Coordinator, Mitchell Group
"The three months she worked with me were the hardest yet the most rewarding months of my life. Being able to self-analyze and have someone by your side to motivate, challenge, and drive you to achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations, was an amazing experience."
Alanna Aarts
Exporter, KPINZ
"I have the deepest respect and admiration for Tammy... She has the remarkable gift of being able to evoke excellence in others. Through her warmth and generosity of spirit, she is able to lead people towards the self-belief and confidence necessary to enhance their personal and professional lives. Tammy leads by example… She is the change she wants to support in her clients. She has helped me to identify my strengths and continues to empower me through her positive encouragement."
Tracey Slocum, Dip. T.B.Sc (Psychology)
"There are precious moments in life, when you have the opportunity to listen to someone that has the ability to lift you up, show you reason, and challenge the boundaries….which is where the journey begins. Tammy Hamawi has a gift and it needs to be shared."
Kennedy Simpson
General Manager, Pacific Direct Line Shipping