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Five Ways To Make The Most Of Coaching

Deciding to invest in coaching services is a huge decision. It can be scary. Whether your goal is to improve professionally, personally, or in a combination of areas in your life, there is much to consider.

Here at Tribunity Human Empowerment, my goal is to provide a variety of coaching and strategizing services for the modern leader, team, and individual. More than just providing the basics of these services, I want to ensure you get the absolute most out of our time together. Every client is different, and I work with you to create the best plan that works for you. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your coaching services as well.

1. Ask yourself if you’re ready for coaching.

Before you start working with a coach, you need to look inside yourself to determine whether you’re truly ready to do the work. Coaching isn’t just a once-per-week session between you and your coach. There is work to do in between each coaching session. This can lead to some discomfort, especially at first, so you must decide if you are able to tolerate that. There is also quite a bit of experimentation involved. You’ll need to be open to experimenting with new ways of behaving, which can seem daunting for someone set in their ways.

2. Be willing to ask for support.

Vulnerability may seem scary, but the willingness to be vulnerable is key to growth. Asking for support when you need it allows you to progress faster toward your goals, and it also provides you with a strong foundation to maintain that progress once coaching has ended. Be open to sharing your goals and fears with your coach, ask for advice frequently, and be willing to accept constructive feedback.

3. Keep a journal.

Keeping a journal allows you to track your progress throughout your coaching sessions and take notes on what is happening in between each session. Take note of what you are feeling, if your goals are changing, and, most importantly, those beautiful little “aha!” moments in your life that connect the day-to-day with your coaching progress. Taking notes in your journal as life happens means your thoughts and reflections are fresh in your mind, which is better than waiting until the day of your next session to try to remember questions or thoughts you may have had since the last session.

4. Be prepared.

Before you attend each coaching session, make a list of topics you’d like to discuss. This is where your notes come in handy. What do you hope to learn in this session? Do you have any concerns or feelings of discontent? Or, if your coaching sessions are structured topically, think about how you may have encountered examples of this topic in the past and be prepared to speak about these experiences.

5. Be present.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the topics discussed in your sessions won’t sink in if you’re somewhere else mentally. Be present for each session. Leave everything else at the door so you can really focus and soak up all of the knowledge and feedback your coach has to offer.

Coaching is not always an easy, or even enjoyable, experience. You may feel some discomfort as you progress and experiment your way into success, but success doesn’t come easily for many of us. Just like we must work in our own lives to achieve progress, we must do the same with coaching in order to experience true growth.

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