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Drawn eye in sky with tear dropping into lake


Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Sorrow makes us all children again, destroys all differences of intellect.” And he was right. It is when we are sad and allow ourselves to feel sorrow; we are softer, we are humble, we listen and understand another’s sorrow. A good cry can be wonderful sometimes

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World Investor Magazine: Wealth & Your Limitless Potential

This Article Published in World Investor Magazine Issue 214: The difference between what we ‘think’ we want and what we ‘believe’ we deserve can often be the stumbling block in achieving our limitless potential.  Says Tammy Hamawi. Change now happens at such speed that we are urged to consider new

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Animated anchor with rope


I have a passion for all things “ship & shipping”, so when I went onboard the Queen Mary 2, I was blown away at her super size: 151,000 tonnes (each tonne = 1000 KG). She has 3 anchors (1 is spare) each only 23 tonnes.  With all modern technology in

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Women looking at path through field

Back to the Future

In 1927, Desiderata was written by poet and lawyer Max Ehrmann. I am fascinated at how these words still apply to us today. Modern life changes so fast. Yet the right thing to do, the wise council to take, and the courageous decisions to make have remained the same.  When

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Rope almost severed through


Attitude! Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!!! Do you think if I say it enough times, you will realise how important this word is to your life experience? Yes, your life!! Not just your personal life, not just your financial life, not just your working and business life and definitely not just your

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Man jumping with bungee over ocean


Helen Keller’s story reminds us of the meaning behind the word “dare”.  Becoming blind & deaf at 18 months of age, her world became a virtual cocoon. Imagine how limiting that would be! Yet to her, she “dared” to dream and design a life rich in achievements.  She became a

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Sorry written on post-it note


Words are what we use to communicate. The quality of our lives can be directly linked to the quality in which we communicate.  One of the words that we find hard to say is “Sorry”. Not only say it, but use it appropriately and with integrity and meaning…. I know

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Imagination quote by Albert Einstein


‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – Albert Einstein said that and we believe a man that discovered so much is a great teacher in reminding us all that no matter where we are today, under pressure or not, it is only through our imagination that we can start building our

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Tammy and daughter

Celebrate Mother’s Day

“I challenge us all to think of the past or a future without our mothers.  Motherhood is where life starts.  Love life back! This weekend is your chance to show off your beauty. Mum (Norma), you are my soul, and everything that is good in me! I adore you” –

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