Drawn eye in sky with tear dropping into lake


Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Sorrow makes us all children again, destroys all differences of intellect.” And he was right.

It is when we are sad and allow ourselves to feel sorrow; we are softer, we are humble, we listen and understand another’s sorrow.

A good cry can be wonderful sometimes and Neale Donald Walsch reminded us that “Sadness is nothing more than love announced”.

So if you are feeling sad, don’t judge yourself or be harsh, this is when it’s time to show your tenderness! It says something about you. It says that you’re strong enough to remain real!

I struggled to to put up this post today as I wanted to start the week with an upbeat message. Yet as a conscious leader I was drawn to this because I knew there are many of you out there today feeling sad. I wanted to acknowledge you and say, “It is OK to feel sad, but never let yourself live in suffering”.  There is a huge difference between both and suffering is very unhealthy.

The family at Tribunity may not know you by name, however we walk your walk and are with you in support.  Email me at tammyh(at)tribunity(dot)com if you need a specific boost of positive juice.

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