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Your Play Time – Anytime

Kahlil Gibran said, “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your feet & the wind longs to play with your hair.”

When I was contemplating this blog, I was riding my bike with the sun and wind in my hair.  I felt light, happy and young.  How could such a simple activity generate inside me such a deep sense of self?  Grounding me around my thoughts and plans. Knowing this about myself allows me to add activities within my business day that encourage my positive mindset when tackling the days’ challenges and opportunities.

Taking your business day too seriously may not be doing your career any good! Leadership is demonstrated by the decisions we make within our own lives.  How can we demonstarte what great leaders we are, if we fail at leading our own ~ self, thoughts, emotions, health, finances etc…

So if today, your work or life feels overwhelming, one easy way to lighten your thoughts is to, “stand up, go out, look up to the sky and notice the colours & shapes & feel great that your eyes can see with so much details”. ” Take a deep breath & feel that thick oxygenated breath fill your lungs with life forming force”. “Jump up or twirl around & get that boost of energy vibrating through your whole body”. “Feel the wind (or lack of it) touching the exposed areas of your skin”.  “Acknowledge the beauty that is, within your self”.  By adding this ever so short “play time break“, it may save you & help you make that amazing decision you’ll feel happy you have made.

Dare to be Happy today!

I am on this journey with you too.

Tammy x

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